Monday, October 31, 2005

Lame Duck....

Relying on the advice of the so called elite of minds, we should be a flourishing nation, ever resiliant in the ability to pull out of the problems that plague us... and strong in the resolve that we are a good and decent people. So where did this all go wrong? Well, in our own backyards was he first place I looked.

We live in a country that allows voting as a voice for our concerns... so did you all vote?
Did you weigh the constituents and their promises... or even bother to see where they stand on issues? Better yet, were you aware enough on the issues as they were presented? More than likely not, as many of these issues are twisted and molded through a maze of conflictions and contridictions, hoping to confuse you enough so that you are never really aware of what's going on out there anyway. That's not to say we are ignorant, we have the news media to keep us informed, right? Well lately they've been having their own problems keeping things straight.

So how do we plow through all of this? Well, it's not for the meek of mind, or weak of character. It takes a bevy of reading, discussions with our fellow man, and the temperment of weighing all sides of the issues to come to an informed decision. It is not only our right, it is our duty and responsibility to our future generations... to which we pass this all down to someday.

I don't want to relieve my duty until I know that we have made strides in making our government an institution we can believe in again. I'm not talking anarchy, only that we oust the ones who have put us in such a precarious position with the world due to the lies they've told us with their fruitless agendas.

So, congratulations, Mr. Bush, your elite think tank has not only betrayed you, but the American public as well, and in my mind, and you are now bestowed with the honor of being a "lame duck". It might be the time to take these boys out to the wood shed for a few lessons, but then I really don't think you have what it takes anyway.

Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my....

One of my favorite holidays has finally arrived, and to celebrate I send a candybar, or beer (whichever is your pleasure) , to all. It's been a short/ long year, and everyone has been deserving of a treat... so enjoy!

Armed with plenty of candy for the neighborhood kids (teenagers included), I am ready for the onslaught that will begin shortly after dusk. I live in a nice neighborhood, filled with people from all walks of life....many who have just arrived from another country. I am amazed at the way they adapt to the customs we take for granted, and glad to see they participate in all our silliness concerning holidays. Yeah, sure, all in the name of store profits... but there is something
I miss about not being able to bring my child out anymore (he's 19 now), and I love to see all the kids dressed up in costumes, armed with flashlights and fleeing across yards to make it to the next house for treats. Nobody has been tricked yet.... no eggs, toiletpaper or smashed pumpkins, which makes it easier to dress up the house.

I did have a little help in the choice of candy, as my son once told me that I bought the "cheap" stuff and better step up to the plate with the "good" stuff. At the time I was on a strict budget; chocolate was something I cooked with, and never gave away willingly. But older is wiser, and cheap only goes so far, so I buy the good stuff now. Then whatever is left over feeds my sweet-tooth, so what me worry?

So to all you ghosts and goblins who remember running around the neighborhood, dressed to the nines in your favorite costume, getting the good stuff in your pumpkin sack ( and not those dreaded candy apples), enjoy the beginning of a wonderful season that winds down somewhere after the first of 2006. Where does the time go? Is it only a few short months till Christmas?
Good thing I went shopping in August!

Happy Halloween, y'all!

Sunday, October 30, 2005

To Be or Not To Be....

.... and I say this because I'm not even sure this will work for me or not, being that this is a first post, and I am still a plebe with this internet/ blogging thing.
If it does, I must give accolades to my buds in the blog world, Neo and Snaggle. I only hope I can do them some justice and hold up my end of learning that they've entrusted to me.

So here goes.....
Recently I've been thinking about living in a perfect weather existance. No doubt one does not exist, but I am fortunate enough to have found a place that offers me enough of what I need to make me know I am at home. Being a transplanted Yankee, now living in the south, I had to get used to the culture and culinary differences, but fell in love with Atlanta my first spring here.
Nothing says beauty quite like a landscape filled with everything in bloom on a timed-release scale. Except of course, being at the ocean. (My one little drawback to the price I pay for living here).
Yes, the summers resemble the gates of hell, but recently our weather has been suffering a greenhouse effect of it's own... and the summers are a bit cooler than usual, with a bit more rain than the droughts of seven years ago. This, of course, doesn't mean that my grass is any greener, as it always manages to commit suicide right after spring, but I've noticed that the clouds are puffier and the sky is bluer than it used to be. And if you catch some really good days in a row, the air is cleaner. Atlanta, you say.... all that traffic, smog, and heat? Well something about the hurricanes making their way up here (new to us), has pushed along all that nastiness.
Not to say we still don't feel the effects of the heat from time to time, but now autumn is here and the mornings are much cooler, and I tend to forget about the heat except to turn it on.

So the perfect escape world, if I had the funds to support that kind of lifestyle, would be to live in my other home, New England... on Cape Cod in the summer, and eat lobster and shrimp everyday. Stay through the fall for the foliage, then move back down to Atlanta to escape the blizzards of winter and stay long enough to see the spring bloom out.

So what's your perfect world?

Friday, October 21, 2005