Friday, April 06, 2007

my bad.........
For all the wonderful people that have stopped over in the past month, I hang my head in shame for not reciprocating to your comments on my last post. You have all been true friends for sending e-mails or calling to see if I were still alive....... and I am here to report that dire news of my demise is greatly exaggerated .
The truth is, I was abducted by the HGTV muses of home improvement. Since my original project was to JUST DO THE KITCHEN, I had a little attack of OCDitis when the paint cans got opened. Suddenly I realized I liked the color SO much, I had to paint a wall in my bedroom a matching shade. Wouldn't my beautiful wrought iron headboard look grand against a nice background of light mint? Yes, since the headboard is white with scrolls, and now pops against the wall. Well...... you just can't do one wall in a bedroom without doing the other three, right? So my bedroom got a makeover as well. And by makeover, I mean the works. I have this theory that includes the thought that once you pull something away from a wall, you MUST dust and vacuum before you return the object to it's place. The dustbunnies are true to their form for rabbits..... they DO multiply..... many colonists of them. Many people think I'm nuts.... too clean, perhaps; but I do have people who've told me it makes perfect sense to do so........... so I'm not obsessive compulsive, just thorough. It's clean gene I was born with, so it's mostly genetic. My Mother and Grandmother were the same way.
When one proceeds to empty a room, it can be amazing to see the pile it creates in another area. In my case, the kitchen ended up in the livingroom, and has finally been put back into place this week. The floor is down, and most of the work is finished. A few more brushes of paint to the doors, and trim pieces tapped in..... and voila! The kitchen will be done. I am in love with it already, and only too happy to be rid of the 70's look. But the best part...... I unloaded 5 boxes of stupid and unnecessary items I didn't even know I had. How does one collect so much? How did I become like my Mother????? (Oh, and Karl...... if you read this, I didn't get rid of anything that belonged to Mom.) I did purge though, and got everything else back into the kitchen without it looking so filled. It's still a little busy looking, but that's because I haven't painted the cabinet doors to put them back up. I know I'll be on it soon though.
My bedroom was pushed to one side each time I approached a wall to paint. Pictures had to come down, along with my many other foolish stuff on the walls. I actually slept partway into my closet for a while. Gets you a little disorientated when you first wake up, but you get used to it after a week. Luckily my room is not so big..... I've seen closets bigger..... so the task of painting didn't take long considering I was working full time (and more) throughout the projects.
There were many days when I was tied to the business phone till 7pm, after starting at 6 am, so I had no desire to do anything but put myself to bed. With a wedding for 175 to organize, and a birthday party for 75 (that turned into 200), I had my hands full with catering. Never mind the regular luncheon customers that called at 5pm for the next days lunch. I blame myself for that little faux pas, as I've trained the people to call orders in at the last minute just by always accepting them. Since we are not fast food, we do need a little notice in order to line up deliverers..... and a few days notice is always appreciated.
And then I did a silly thing....... I would like to report that I was hammering away when SMASH, the hammer landed on my finger. But no, I have to admit, I was downed a bit by a hangnail. Stupid me for such bad habits! My little injury caught a nice infection. Stupid infection! I ended up on some kind of superbug killer meds, as the doctor wanted to treat the infection from the inside out. Since I've read about the over-medication of penicillin, I questioned the decision, but was assured it was what I had to do. The first one made me a little queasy.... no, a lot queasy..... but I continue taking them. The finger is tender, but healing nicely, so I really can't say: stupid meds...... but I felt that way the first day.
I am relieved to have accomplished so much in a month, and happy with the results. Even though I have a lot more to go, I consider this the downhill part of my journey in reconstruction projects for the year. And the best part of my journey so far? I lost 25 pounds in the process. Woohoo for great results!
As for blogging.... it really had to take a back seat to everything else. Priorities are hard to pick and choose sometimes, depending if you are listening to the angel and devil on your shoulders. In many cases, I swat them both away, and take charge without the guilt of thinking: am I forgetting, hurting, shunning someone without intent. Am I so focused on my task, that I appear to be stuck-up and uncaring? Well, in the case of everything BUT blogging, no. At one point I did leave a nice long comment to everyone from my last post..... but blogger ate it. (I swear. And aren't you glad I didn't blame it on the dog?) All I could leave was a blanket explanation weeks later.... with the hope that I would make it over to some of my favorite links...... plus to that nice Carmi who stopped by to say hello for the first time.
Since my upbringing included training in the magic words: thank you, I have much catching up to do to thank all who have e-mailed or called me during my absence. I finally had some help getting google blogger right, and now I can post again. I only hope you will continue to stop by and say hello whenever you're by the garden. My absences are because my life is very full at times, but I would feel a bigger void to lose my blog friends.


Blogger SkyeBlue2U said...

Yeah! Glad you're back and with a whole new persective. Sorry to hear that you have a injury, try to keep it out of the water if you can, proably not always possible though. Well at least your in the right part of the country for Reconstruction. :) Have a Happy Easter.

1:19 AM  
Blogger Awareness said...

Happy Easter, Ellen!

Good to see you back online and rip roaring to go! I've missed you.
Your cleaning and painting adventures are about to be tackled on this end, starting on Monday........eeeeek!
It's a wee bit daunting to say the least, but we will (hopefully) focus on one wall at a time.

Yes, the Secret Garden is back and running just in time for the blooming season. (well, not here yet.....we had snow on much for global warming!)

take care.

3:47 AM  
Blogger Rainbow dreams said...

Happy Easter,

I am in awe of all you have managed to fit in - we are just starting our yearly purge, though I can never stop at one room either... it shows up the rest of the place, and the outside needs painting too this year!

Have just glanced at Dana's comment and see I am in good company with the pair of you :)
Blogger has eaten so many of my comments lately I lose count....
take care, hope you get some chill out time this Easter, Katie

8:58 AM  
Blogger Ellen said...

Sometimes it takes a purging of the stuff in your house to give you a new perspective about life. In my case, I feel lighter just getting it out and having room to move around a little. I must tell the boys that I don't need anything more to add to the heap.... well..... maybe a new DVD..... but nothing else. My house is too small for more.

As for reconstruction.... I thought of that little pun during the renovation, and agree. Where else but the south does the word make complete sense?

The finger? She's finally healing very nicely, and I can stop wearing gloves soon. Whoopie for working with two hands again!


Ah yes, focasing on one wall.... if you find the secret behind that, please be sure to let me know. I always find that starting a project such as house renovations is never ONE thing. Somehow it multiplies like the dust bunnies under the bed.

As for the gardens.... I'm only too lucky that I have enough perennials in the ground to make up for not doing my Spring planting yet. Since our winter was close to being non-existant, the trees, bushes, and bulbs couldn't wait to burst into color. This brought on a whole new problem to deal with, as the pollen count was somewhere up in the 5-thousands.
(Can you believe that we actually have something here to count the stuff???) I guess the meter is something like our terror alert system....

We also got sacked with a burst of cold weather this weekend. After having weeks of 86+ degree weather, it went down to the 30's last night. No snow, but the house plants that actually made it outside last weekend had to be brought back in. It's funny you mentioned global warming, as I said the same thing to hubby. Too funny we think alike at times!

Good luck with your reno's, but remember it's like eating potato chips..... one can never stop at JUST one.


rainbow dreams~
Ah, Spring.... flowers aburst, and a house that needs a thorough make-over. I feel your pain. But then that's what we bargain for when we purchase those money pits, isn't it? I can tell you that you will feel pounds lighter and completely accomplished when the list trickles down to the last task. It's the start of the list that makes you ask why you just didn't leave well enough alone. Thank goodness my list didn't include outside painting.... and I power-washed it back in January. We had such a mild winter that it was easy to do.... along with some much needed pruning of the silver maple trees. (Those trees can be so pesky as the roots grow above ground, and mowing is a real feat.)

Best of luck to you as well. I promise you will be happy with the results.


Happy Easter to you all. May the bunnies you see be chocolate, and not dust.

10:07 AM  
Blogger Lee Ann said...

So glad to see you back! It is wonderful to have a full life and take a break from blogging. I love when life can take the front seat. I too miss my friends on the blog when that happens, but sometimes it is good to take the break.
It is cold here right now, but I am enjoying it.
Hope your finger heals up nicely very soon.
Happy Easter sweetie!

8:20 PM  
Blogger Neo said...

Ellen - About time you got up off your lazy ass and posted. ;)


Ok, you have all of us to catch up on. Do it quick. They'll be a test on Monday. *poke*

Have a blessed and safe Easter.

Peace & Hugs,

- Neo

10:43 AM  
Anonymous Karl said...

Happy Easter little sister!

Glad to see you are back in full swing. Careful with that hammer. It can be very unforgiving. I read your email but my computer crashed as I was returning an answer. Serves me right for being winded.

The house project sounds wonderful. We are looking at a 'remake' here as well. I guess its that time of year for it. And like you, it will be a huge undertaking. Hopefully I wont need to do anything else and we can enjoy our home for years to come.

Dont worry about throwing out anything that may have been mom's. You have gotten the most use out of it by now I am sure. We all need to downsize after seeing what is lurking in our closets and cabinets. Remeber I moved out of a house that had 44 kitchen cabinets all filled with 'who-knows-what.' I am still going through 'stuff' and hauling it away.

It looks like you and I will both be very busy in the upcoming weeks. Therefore we should plan to get together at a later time. Althought the boys have been looking forward to visiting, I think its best we reschedule. I will give you a call this evening anyway.

Agian, good to see you are back.

Love Karl

10:03 AM  
Blogger Ellen said...

lee ann~
It's good to be back, without all the worries of "so many other things to do". I can put some of the painting on the back burner, it was the construction that was bogging me down over the last month.

As for cold.... I finally had to turn the heat back on over the last few days.... who'd a thunk we'd get 86 degree weather in March, and 30 degree weather in April? What's up with that?

Hope your trees and bushes came out beautiful and lasted throughout the cold snap. Ours took a hit.


LOL, my frined. Test today, eh? Well, for the record, I suck at ALL tests, no matter how easy, so give me an "F" right here, right now. If you thought I was lazy at keeping up here, I'm much worse at tests. How I ever made Honors in High School is beyond me.... must have been divine intervention.

Hope you and Cody are well!



Well, at least you received the e-mail. In the past few days I've gotten back e-mails that I sent out weeks ago telling me that the server didn't recognize "something". Beats the heck out of me what "something" was.

Yup, things are looking better in the kitchen, and I'm down to some painting only. That doesn't stop me from wanting to continue projects in other areas.... after all, the paint can has already been christened, so why not? I also have been refinishing some great furniture finds from Goodwill in my "spare" time.

As for Moms stuff... I didn't have the heart to part with any of it.... and found that I actually had more room once I got rid of 5 boxes of unnecessary junk. If I can ever figure how to get Chris' new digi camera to upload the pictures into my picture file here, I will e-mail them over to you. It's looking good, if I do say so myself.

Certainly understandable that this time of year is hectic.... especially with the end of the school year looming so close.... and Andrew learning how to drive. You do have a full plate, and rescheduling is not a problem. You actually took the pressure off me to finish things quicker here, and get the yard in order. Although I did mow and trim, the cold snap makes it impossible to put out any flowers I'd like to last through the summer. We have to wait till this weather starightens out. ARRGGG to global warming problems!

11:15 AM  
Blogger Neo said...

Neo stamps 'F' on your test paper ;P

8:26 PM  
Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

Sounds like you've accomplished much in your blog-hiatus! I missed you much, but realize how life can get in the way, n don't blame anyone for stepping back sometimes- Also there's probably much I don't get done cause I'm trying to keep up with so much blog-reading...

The way I only paint one wall/ceiling section, wait a few weeks do another would about kill you, I bet! There's actually a section in the back room that's never been painted since I moved in, (so we can gawk at the unGodly gross paint I had to live with the first few years here...)

2:21 AM  
Blogger Ellen said...

And a well deserved "F" it is!


Thanks, sweetie. I have missed you as well, and have thought many times over I need to send along an e-mail to see how you are doing.
(Which I am going to do soon!)

Yes, one wall at a time would drive me nuts. I like to see an accomplished project the second I start, so if I can get over trying to start other projects while working on the original one, I might be able to get my act together to get it all finished.

12:47 PM  

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