Thursday, December 14, 2006


Somewhere along the line life moves along at a palpitable pace.... one which, if we are lucky, we can keep things in perspective, as well as keep up with the necessary day to day chores we alien for ourselves. Being organized, making lists, and skipping through all we set out before us makes us feel accomplished at the end of the day. We did what we set out to do, and we can now give ourselves a great big pat on the back for being so together.

Well, not me lately. It doesn't matter how many lists I make, or how well I follow them. The days are too short, and the lists are too long. I've been derailed. I am struggling to keep up with the many requests asked from me on a daily basis, and I find that I get further behind no matter how many hours I work.... currently the hours add up to 12 hours for my job, and an additional 4 or 5 for personal. I actually did have an afternoon off a few days ago, and I crashed. Lists be damned, I needed some real sleep. With the phone nestled closely to my head, I made a comfortable dent on the couch and traveled to the land of naptime. Without this one moment to myself, I would have surely been a cranky cantankerous witch..... not one of my better sides for the world to see.

So, that all said, I have not abandoned this blog. I am stealing away moments here and there to keep caught up reading.... although even that has not worked too well lately. Since I finally have a few minutes before I finally retire for the night (for the morning hour of 4:30 AM looms close), I wanted to explain to all that the many Christmas parties that I cater have to take precedence for the moment..... after all, they pay the bills. When the busyness of the season ends Christmas Eve, I will fix the derailing track in my life, and continue on. Perhaps the muses will also be kind enough to return..... after all, they did get a taste of the cranky witch, and hid for the season.

Hoping you all are ready for the BIG DAY..... after all, it's only 11 days away! Wherever did the month go?